About the HUD / VA Addendum


The HUD/VA Addendum is the Lender's Certification that the loan has been accepted. The form HUD 92900-A (HUD/VA URLA Addendum) is used to supplement the 1003 in order to submit a complete and accurate loan package to apply for mortgage insurance which is required for all government loans. Without this addendum the loan won't be eligible for government insurance required on all FHA and VA loans.

The HUD/VA Addendum (92900-A) consists of five (5) pages.  

Pages 1 and 2 contain statutory and regulatory information and certifications.

Pages 3 and 4 contain the Direct Endorsement lender's approval/certifications and the borrower(s) certification.  (PAGE 3 IS SIGNED BY THE UW)

Page 5 contains the VA Commitment for Guaranty.  

Important: Page 5 is not for HUD applications. This is only to be submitted if the loan is a VA Loan.

NOTE:   Most of the information on this screen auto populate from the 1003 and PROMO screens.


From the Workflow select:

HUD/VA Addendum The HUD/VA Addendum to the Universal Residential Loan Application screen displays.


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